If your home was built prior to 2000 there  is a good chance you can use some of our services. Wind Mitigation Retrofit Solutions will analyze your OIR-B1-1802 Wind Mitigation Inspection Report to help maximize the amount of credits towards your insurance premiums.

Areas that we specialize in are:

  • Roof to Wall Attachments
  • Roof to Deck Attachments
  • Open Protection Shutters

We save homes, lives, and money, on your wind insurance by upgrading your hurricane straps. We guarantee that if we add nails, you will qualify for the appropriate credit. Free estimates and references are available. We add nails or straps to help you qualify for a discount. Homeowners receive huge discount savings after roof to wall attachments are retrofitted.

Roofers do not automatically upgrade straps if you re-roofed. All that is needed is to ask your insurance agent or check your Wind Mitigation Report. Section 4 – Roof to Wall Attachments: to see if they are Toe Nails, Clips, or Wraps. Email the report to jm@windmitsolutions.com for a free estimate or give us a call at (561) 414-7998.

By mitigating your truss straps, you not only save on your insurance premiums, but you also add extra uplift protection from high winds to your entire house, providing your entire family peace of mind.

Wind Mitigation Retrofit Solutions has helped hundreds of homeowners, just like you.

We service most parts of Florida.

Contact us today to discuss the windstorm mitigation retrofit solutions we provide.

Our rates are very reasonable, the savings can be substantial and the experience is top notch!

Wind Mitigation Retrofit Solutions helps save lives, homes, and money